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Industries and Clients
Health Care
  • Coordinated enterprise application testing (Epic, Midas, IDX, CBORD) and trade partner testing for ICD-10 implementation at Maricopa Integrated Health Systems
  • Created and implemented SOPs to achieve FDA project-specific compliance for Source HealthCare Analytics
  • Managed hand-held, point-of-care technology rollout project for Gentiva
  • Managed development of a commercial software application to manage call centers for health care providers for McKesson (formerly HBOC and NHES)
  • Created product for on-site management of mammography center information in partnership with Dr. Myron Moskowitz
  • Developed applications to manage patient information, including research studies, for Cincinnati Children's Hospital sickle cell anemia center
  • Integrated laboratory assay analyzers with database and reporting tools for University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Medical Research Laboratories, Inc
  • Conducted rollout of strategic technologies for data architecture and database management groups at Eli Lilly
  • Developed clinical trial management system for Eli Lilly
  • Defined and conducted research contrasting efficiency of data management approaches for Eli Lilly
  • Assessed feasibility of creating a OCR-based clinical trial management system for Eli Lilly
  • Developed applications for managing inputs for large pharmaceutical data warehouse project for Source HealthCare Analytics
  • Defined core components for data warehouse infrastructure for Source HealthCare Analytics
  • Performed requirements traceability and code maturity assessments for program management teams for Source HealthCare Analytics
  • Implemented Agile processes and IBM Rational Team Concert for AAA
  • Integrated HP QualityCenter and RTC for AAA
  • Automated agile artifact maintenance tasks using RTC APIs and a scripting language for AAA
  • Helped implement scalable agile processes at American Express
  • Implemented UML and the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for Cigna (StarHRG)
  • Provided training and mentoring services on RUP and UML for Cigna (StarHRG)
  • Defined enrollment processing systems for Cigna (StarHRG)
  • Conducted business process assessment for Cigna (StarHRG)
  • Implemented business process improvements for Cigna (StarHRG)
  • Lead the implementation of the AZJobConnection.gov application for the Arizona Department of Economic Security
  • Designed and conducted policy research studies for the National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Created application to manage and report for EPA / Ohio River Valley Water Users Group data
  • Enhanced a payroll processing application for United States Defense Finance and Accounting Services
  • Designed research studies at Arizona State University
  • Statistically analyzed research and government data for University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Arizona State University
  • Managed survey research projects for University of Cincinnati and University of Miami of Ohio
  • Conducted numerous statistical analyses for University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • Implemented object oriented development utilizing UML and the Rational Unified Process for FedEx
  • Managed development of linehaul, shipment planning logistical system for FedEx
  • Implemented virus remediation strategy and processes for FedEx
Real Estate
  • Defined architecture and development process for residential relocation application for Prudential
  • Performed assessment and requirements analysis for data warehouse project for Prudential
  • Managed enterprise teams to specify, develop and deliver enhancements to the second-most-frequently-used widget in the American Express North American website
  • Managed integration of desktop and legacy application data into strategic databases and warehouses at Wells Fargo
  • Enhanced a payroll processing application for United States Defense Finance and Accounting Services
  • Performed ITIL assessment of corporate web site infrastructure for APS
  • Developed a network management tool to enable just-in-time compliance with new government regulations for AT&T
  • Created, tested and managed releases for telecommunications operating systems for AT&T
  • Directed the development of medical call center software for McKesson (formerly HBOC and NHES)
  • Developed a shrink-wrapped product for managing mammography centers (ForeGround, Inc)